Ship It!: A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects

The book by Jared Richardson and William Gwaltney Jr. got my attention because of its title combined with the relatively low costs. I didn’t know what exactly to expect but hoped for the best.

Technically this book is totally outdated. It was written in a time where SVN was on the rise and Git just got invented. CI and CD methodology and tools where not that spread or didn’t even exist.
Nonetheless it is worth a read. The general methodology of successful software products hasn’t change over the years.

Best part of the book is the pragmatic approach. You sure might fear failure or don’t know where to start but first things first, you have to start! That is the basic lesson I kept in mind.

Another take away of the book is one of the authors suggested readings: “Death March” by Edward Yourdon. It is on my list of books to read and may be of interest to someone else, too.

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