Every day we decide to seal ourselves off in a bubble. A bubble consisting of domain knowledge and functional expertise. We are doing this intentionally because we want to ease communication with colleagues and customers at the expense of sounding or even acting cryptic and incomprehensible to outsiders.

As I recently attended PyCon.DE 2018, I met great people and in one of the discussions I suddenly realized my mistake. I just thought everyone would understand me because of our common interest for the same topics. Programming and Python. But neither was the case. That’s why I held a lightning talk to raise awareness.

In my lightning talk with the title “Let Me Just Explain Gravity”, I started without having slides prepared to be able to use the small word “just” as often as possible. To be honest, I overused it to lead to my conclusion that anything we do as experts is never “just” as easy as it seems to be for outsiders.

Two people asking "Why" and "How".

Therefore I crave everyone to take a step back and ask yourself if a non-expert is able to understand what you want to express. If you can’t answer this simple question with a straight yes, please prepare to explain the basics or at least lend a helping hand and point to other resources explaining your topic from the beginning.

No more words, here is the video recording of my talk:

PyCon.DE 2018 Lightning Talk: Let Me Just Explain Gravity

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