About Me

Who are you, that you are interested in my profile?

I am husband and father of two children, professionally working with software, having fun reading a good book and thinking to much about ways to tinker with software in my spare time. If I have a bit of extra time I also like to go out to play with my camera and take photographs of my surroundings.

About the blog

As my family, especially my children, are constantly struggling for my attention, there is not much time to write articles.
But sometimes I do have topics which seem to haunt me, which is why I start this blog, to write down thoughts I would otherwise not be able to get rid of.

Topics for this blog will most often be about software and the realms it touches, because this is where my profession and hobby come together. Sometimes it is about my daily experiences as father and husband and maybe I can’t avoid to post videos of kittens, but what else is the internet for?

I hope you enjoy my blog and share it with whomever you are in contact with.

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